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 Watertown Heated Storage Pricing

30 - 30 - 30  Plan

Watertown Heated Storage will come to your place, haul your golf cart, Jet Ski, Riding Lawn Mower or Motorcycle for just $30.  We will store your item for $30 a month then when you are ready we will deliver it back to you for $30.  We can't do this for everyone but we will do it within a 30 mile radius of Watertown. 

You can also bring your golf Cart, Jet Ski, Lawnmower or motorcycle to us and store it for $30 a month


Snowmobiles &  Jet Ski's

At Watertown Heated Storage keep your snowmobile and jet ski's inside and keep your garage space freed up.   We will store your snowmobile & Jet Ski's for just $40 a month. 


Cars, Boats and Ice Castle style Fish House

Don't let mother nature take a toll on your toys.  Let us provide a safe & secure place to store your larger items.   Cars & Fish Houses start at just $75 a month.   Need warm storage for your boat?  $100 a month and we will keep your boat warm all winter long.   No need to spend the money to have it winterized.


Call 605-881-9590 to get a quote on the space you need.  Trailer or no trailer we have the equipment to move your property safely within the building.  Take a load off your mind and call to arrange for your storage today. 

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Personal Household Storage

Running out of room?  Just moving in or out of a place and want to keep you storage items in a warm climate controlled environment?  We have spaces from 5' x 5' up to 40' x 40'.


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